Spring Officer Training!

Hello, mighty Ohio District of Circle K International! I hope you are all doing well wherever you may be among the circumstances. Can you believe we are already a month into our terms? With that being said, Spring Officer Training (SpOT) will be held in four 3-hour sessions over the weekend of May 22-24, 2020.

These include an overview of the weekend, Club Officer Training, Continued Education, an open forum for questions and discussion, and wrap-up of the various sessions. We are working hard to make sure to provide you enough transitional information and training materials that set you up for a year of successful service and leadership. If for some reason we don’t cover something you were hoping to learn more about at SpOT, please feel free to reach out at any time to set up an individualized call so we can help you work through the questions or concerns you may have! We appreciate your continued patience and flexibility with this online event!

More information about the Spring Officer Training can be found here.

Colton Morton

Colton Morton

Colton is the Immediate Past Governor and is the 2021 OTIC Chair for the Ohio District of Circle K International. He is attending Miami University and is studying AYA Integrated Social Studies Education. When he is not studying or doing CKI-related activities, he is often with friends or relaxing in his free time.