OSU Club Leadership Retreat: OPEN TO ALL OHIO CLUBS!

The Ohio State University is hosting their Spring 2022 Club Leadership Retreat from April 1st to 3rd. The retreat is being hosted at Camp Hugh Taylor Birch and will entail multiple leadership activities, service projects, and fellowship activities. The OSU club would like to formally extend the invitation to leaders from across the district of Ohio to attend this event as well!

Admission with food and a COPE course included will cost $30 for non-OSU members and $10 for OSU members. Attendees will additionally need to provide their own transportation to and from Camp Hugh Taylor or work out a way to carpool with others.

Info on Adam’s Building and Camp High Taylor Burch: http://tecumsehcouncilbsa.org/camping/campbirch/facilities/AdamsBuilding/
COPE Course Info: http://legacy.tecumsehcouncilbsa.org/files/d/usr/11/2020%20COPE%20Brochure.pdf

If the cost of the event is what is stopping you, please contact the event coordinators Anthony Elbon (elbon.1@buckeyemail.osu.edu) and Austin Underwood (underwood.291@buckeyemail.osu.edu).

To register, please visit: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=NlYJ61IQlUiVKx_53x0RIaqnNX7nJyVIg68Ut0URSbxUOUtWQjU4VUtCSE5BQTMyMUpMNTVBTTRDViQlQCN0PWcu

Annamarie McGuire

Annamarie McGuire

Annamarie McGuire is the Bulletin Editor for the Ohio District of Circle K International. She is attending Bowling Green State University and is studying for her masters in Forensic Chemistry. When Annamarie is not studying or doing CKI-related activities, she is usually being crafty or playing The Sims.