Better World Books



Better World Books is an online reseller of used books. You can visit to purchase books. For each book purchased, a book is donated to someone in need. Rewards are given to nonprofit partners who collect books through a book drive. They have donated over 15 million books and raised over $19 million for literacy and libraries.

To work with Better World Books, visit the Drive Resource Center  to set up a book drive on your campus. There are templates, schedules, tips, and much more to help you hold the most successful book drive. Don’t forget to organize volunteers and set goals for your drive. Then get the word out through social media, posters, and whatever other methods work on your campus.

Once the drive is complete, empty your bins and sort the books. Then you schedule a free shipment through RUFIS.

Still looking for more information? Check out the Circle K International Website or the Better World Books Website.