Membership Development & Education

November Recruitment Newsletter ODCKI: Learn more about keeping people in the club after that first meeting.

Find Your Circle: A creative way to promote your club

Open House 3: One possible flyer to promote your club or open house

Open House 1: Another possible flyer to promote your club or open house

Button Template: A button template which can be used for members to put on their backpacks which will promote your club

Ball State Call Out Meeting Flyer: Another meeting flyer idea

Open House Guide Ohio: Use this guide to help your club have a successful Open House!

Open House Packet: Use this guide to make your club open house the best it can be

Recruitment Newsletter ODCKI: Use this to help with recruitment throughout the year!

Circle K Presentation: Use this PowerPoint presentation to educate potential members about Circle K and what’s special about it.

Member Education Handouts: Use information from these handouts to educate new and old members

Using the handouts: Tips and tricks for using the member education handouts