Monthly Report Form Submission Information

Monthly Report Forms, or MRFs, are forms that individual Circle K clubs have to fill out, in order to report their status and activities to the District and International Boards.

In the Ohio District, clubs are required to fill out one form for International and two for the district. These forms focus on club membership, service hours, and financial reports. The club secretary generally fills out the International MRF and a Secretary MRF for the District, while the club treasurer fills out the other District MRF relating to finances.

These forms are some of the most important work that goes on behind the scenes and are integral for the district to keep adequate records and open lines of communication with all of the clubs.

The clubs all need to have access to the Kiwanis Membership Update Center, or MUC, and two Google Classrooms to submit the MRFs every month. Typically, the club secretary has access to the MUC and one of the Google Classrooms, while the club treasurer has access to the other Google Classroom.

If your club does not have access to these resources, please contact us and we will help you gain access to complete these reports.

Keeping everyone in the Ohio District on the same page is one of the core objectives of the District Board and we look forward to working with all of the clubs to make that happen.

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Ryan Bolin

Ryan Bolin

Ryan is the 2021-2022 District Governor for the Ohio District of Circle K International. He is attending Baldwin Wallace University and is studying Political Science. When he is not studying or doing CKI-related activities, he is usually sipping Dairymen's Iced Tea by the gallons and watching NCIS or the West Wing.