July 2022 Advisor Spotlight

Our July Advisor Spotlight is Dr. Karen Munroe from Baldwin Wallace University!

Over the years Dr. Karen Munroe has been dedicated to improving the relationships and memberships of the student organizations she advises. Dr. Munroe invariably collaborates with the members in each organization with respect, dignity and understanding. She is passionate about creating respectful relationships amongst members based on mutual respect, trust, good communication, understanding, and honesty. Dr. Munroe aims to provide an environment for members to speak freely.

She gives advice effectively, never imposing her ideas as the only answer. Dr. Munroe is always open to guidance from the members to develop better solutions to problems. Dr. Munroe’s efforts have made Baldwin Wallace University Circle K the most inclusive and respectful club. Dr. Munroe consistently puts her words into action, by regularly attending both campus events as well as Circle K hosted events. She also continues to improve her leadership skills by attending district events like District Convention, Spring Officer Training, and Fall Rally.

Dr. Karen Munroe enhances weekly meetings and events with her smile and sense of humor. Her dedication inspires newer members to become more involved. Dr. Munroe has a passion for both Baldwin Wallace and Circle K International, which she has made apparent through her deep involvement and desire to help each student find their place at BW.

Claire Feit

Claire Feit