Ohio District

Governor’s Project

This year, Governor Ryan chose the American Red Cross as the organization he wanted to help with his Governor’s Project. The focus will be on our clubs hosting blood drives with the Red Cross, individual blood donations, and fundraising. We can’t wait to help this amazing organization!

Ryan challenges each club to host at least 1 blood drive this year! A few of our clubs have already hosted a blood drive in the past and it is a very simple and worthwhile event to host! There is a document below that details how to go about hosting a blood drive and you can reach out to Governor Ryan any time for help.

Ryan also challenges each club to have 25% of their members donate blood themselves at some point throughout the year. Giving blood is easy and all you have to do is go to the link here and sign up to donate at a drive near you! Make sure that every member that donates records some type of proof of donation and sends it to Governor Ryan at governor@ohiocki.org if you would like to include it in the tracking for the project. 

Ryan also challenges the District to raise at least $2,000 for the Red Cross throughout the year. A fundraising information document is attached below for help getting started! We have a fundraiser posted on the American Red Cross website where you can donate funds directly and they will be tracked. Go to https://americanredcross.donordrive.com/campaign/Ohio-District-of-Circle-K-International-Red-Cross-Fundraisin to donate. Let’s get to $2,000!

Most Governors have a system for rewarding the District for participating in the project. Governor Ryan has a similar system this year. For every 2 blood drives that are hosted by our clubs, every 10 individual blood donations, and every $500 that is raised for the Red Cross, the District will move up a level. More levels will be added if necessary. Ryan looks forward to even more embarrassing levels. All of the incentives will take place at a District event and be recorded for posterity.

Level 1: Pie to the face
Level 2: Ice bucket dump
Level 3: Wearing a dress during a session
Level 4: Free dodgeball throw
Level 5: Makeup session
Level 6: Karaoke session

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