February Member Spotlight

Our February Member Spotlight is Cole Harbour from Bowling Green State University! Cole is a sophomore majoring in Adolescence to Young Adult/Secondary Education with a specialization in Integrated Social Studies.

The BGSU Club tries to put on a variety of activities from service projects to socials for their club members to participate in. Cole joined the club just this school year and has been actively engaged in everything they have been doing. He nearly has perfect attendance for club meetings and is always willing to take on a new volunteer opportunities. 

Cole is always one of the first people to volunteer for events and always tries to bring a good sense of humor to everything he does. He stopped by and helped during our fall fundraiser and volunteered/participated in everyone holiday event. From helping with The Salvation Army bell ringing to marching in the Bowling Green Holiday Parade, Cole was always keeping everyone smiling and laughing (even in the cold).

Without Cole’s sense of humor and engagement, the club atmosphere would be quiet different. The atmosphere difference is a huge reminder to BGSU’s officers that the club would not be the same without the members. So, thank you Cole for being a member of CKI at BGSU! And to other officers and leaders, remember the root of this organization and the reason for us existing: to serve our campuses and communities AND to help develop the leadership abilities of our peers and friends!

Cole’s involvement as an active member this year has been vital to the club. To learn more about what their club is doing, check out their social media accounts linked herehttps://ohiocki.org/clubs/

Annamarie McGuire

Annamarie McGuire

Annamarie McGuire is the Bulletin Editor for the Ohio District of Circle K International. She is attending Bowling Green State University and is studying for her masters in Forensic Chemistry. When Annamarie is not studying or doing CKI-related activities, she is usually being crafty or playing The Sims.