Fall Rally 2022

On behalf of the Ohio District Board of Circle K International, thank you to all members, officers, and Kiwanians that attended Fall Rally 2022! In attendance, we had 36 registered attendees of which 30 were CKI members. The 30 CKI members represented 7 different clubs, which is more than half of our active clubs in the district! Over the course of the event,  members expanded their knowledge through a full day of service, fellowship, and leadership.

CKI members, Governor Margaret Lee, LRA & SpOT Chair Austin Underwood, and River Hills LTG & DCON Co-Chair Vivian Corey hosted workshops that helped members to expand their knowledge to benefit both themselves and their club. Margaret gave an overview of the K-Family and the CKI structure. She also presented on providing members with meaningful activities and developing as leaders to improve retention in their clubs. Austin presented on funding, and how to receive and utilize scholarships and grants, as well as club fundraising ideas. Vivian hosted a workshop about the importance of movement and the connection to an open mind.

Due to inclement weather, members split into three groups and completed different service projects. Members created homemade cards for seniors and nursing home residents. They also made dog tug rope toys by cutting t-shirts into fabric strips and braiding them together. Members also decorated and wrote inspirational messages on stones, which they will leave in their communities to spread kindness and inspiration. Clubs took these cards, toys, and rocks back to their home to benefit their surrounding community.

Fall Rally was a day full of fellowship, members competed head-to-head at Jeopardy and Minute-to-Win-it, tie-dyed CKI t-shirts, and ate ice cream sundays!

Claire Feit

Claire Feit