Education & Leadership Conference

Ohio District Members that attended ELC in-person.

Last week, the Education Leadership Conference, the alternative to the International Convention this year, took place in Salt Lake City. Members from all over came together in person and online to hear amazing speakers, attend workshops, elect new International board members, approve International bylaws amendments, recognize individuals, clubs, and districts during the awards ceremony, and much, much more. 

Of the many awards given at ELC, several members in the Ohio District were recipients of International awards!

Circle K Hall of Fame inductee

Austin Underwood, 2020-21 International Trustee, 2019-20 District Governor, and The Ohio State University Club Member

New Member of the Year Award

Margaret Lee, Cincinnati Club President

Charter of the Year Award

The University of Cincinnati Circle K Club

Distinguished International Chairperson

Annamarie McGuire, 2020-21 International Kiwanis Family Relations Chair, Bowling Green State University Club Member

Distinguished District Chairperson

Annamarie McGuire, 2021 Ohio District Convention Chair, Bowling Green State University Club Member

Outstanding International Committee Member

Alexis Aldhizer, 2020-21 International Governing Documents and Awards Committee, Bowling Green State University Club Member

Congratulations to all the award recipients– all well deserved! We have so many amazing members in the Ohio District, and we are beyond excited to see so many recognized at ELC.

As mentioned, the next international board was elected at the Education & Leadership Conference. 

Now to introduce the 2021-2022 International Board members that were elected:

International President

Kyle Lank, New Jersey District



International Vice-President

Leah Reiser, Georgia District


International Trustees:

Madeleine Eichorn, Capital District

Chelsea Jordan, Caribbean District

Tyler Kearns, New York District

Alissa McIntyre, Southwest District

Liz Sevigny, New England District

Katelyn Van Buren, Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District

Jonathan Varano, New Jersey District

Isabelle Wang, New York District

CKI President 2021-2022
CKI Vice-President 2021-2022
CKI Trustees 2021-2022

Pictured from Left to Right:

Top Row – Alissa, Isabelle, Jonathan

Middle Row – Liz, Chelsea

Bottom Row – Madeleine, Tyler, Katelyn

Annamarie McGuire

Annamarie McGuire

Annamarie McGuire is the Bulletin Editor for the Ohio District of Circle K International. She is attending Bowling Green State University and is studying for her masters in Forensic Chemistry. When Annamarie is not studying or doing CKI-related activities, she is usually being crafty or playing The Sims.