District Project

C.L.U.B.S: Collaborate Lead Utilize Build Serve 

This year, Governor Margaret chose to redesign the Governor’s Project into a District Project. The focus will be on our clubs and becoming a stakeholder on your campus. Instead of the project focusing on one nonprofit, the District Project will be called C.L.U.B.S:

Collaborate with other organizations

  • Host an interclub with another Circle K club
  • Host or assist at an event with your sponsoring Kiwanis Club 
  • Host an event with a campus organization
  • Host an ODCKI monthly fellowship event

Lead on your campus

  • Host or sponsor an event at Fall or Spring Welcome Week 
  • Table outside of the organization fairs
  • Partner with a campus office for an event
  • Participate in 3 out of 6 days of CKI week

Utilize funding and resources available to you

  • Apply for a club event for university funding 
  • Host a restaurant fundraiser night
  • Share your existing successful club systems with the district level
  • Apply for the current grants Tomorrow Fund or Ohio District Kiwanis Foundation Grant

Build future leaders and your club

  • Write an article for the monthly district update 
  • Create and share club-wide semester feedback surveys 
  • Host a club leadership development event 
  • Bring a first-year member to a district event

Serve your community 

  • Host an off-campus volunteer event 
  • Complete a CKI Community Needs Assessment
  • Fundraise for a local nonprofit that follows one of the four CKI service initiatives
    • Childhood development
    • Environmental justice
    • Food insecurity and homelessness
    • Mental Health
  • Have a local nonprofit speak at a club meeting

The goal is for each club to complete at least one activity from each letter of C.L.U.B.S. during the 2022-23 service year. 

Indicate completion of an activity from a letter through your pre-existing district club tracking sheet, and upload your pictures of the event to your pre-existing folder. Shared with you in April. Please email secretary@ohiocki.org with any questions.