The following awards will be made available to apply for District Convention:

Club Officer and Chair Awards
  • Lanton Lee Outstanding President Award
  • Outstanding Vice President Award
  • Linda M. Stiegler Outstanding Secretary Award
  • Andrew Littlefield Outstanding Treasurer Award
  • Public Relations Award
  • Brian Ritchie Outstanding Club Committee Chairperson Award 

Club Awards
  • Daniel J. Romanello Achievement Award
  • Single Service Award
  • Ken Creasey Most Improved Club Award
  • David Mathias Outstanding Kiwanis Family Achievement Award
  • James F. Kneisel Outstanding Kiwanis Sponsor Club
  • Outstanding Scrapbook Award
  • Outstanding Virtual Scrapbook Award
  • Kiwanis Family Award
  • Governor’s Service Project Award
  • Daniel and Stafani Leming Membership & Retention Award

Individual Awards
  • Wayne and Laura Enders Ohio Circle of Service Award
  • Jason Stewart Outstanding Member Award
  • Erin M. Dillon Outstanding New Member Award
  • Tom Andrews Award for Leadership
  • Kenneth H. Weeks Outstanding Kiwanian Award
  • The Vision Award