District Convention (DCON)

Convention Information

The 64th Annual Ohio District of Circle K International District Convention will be a fully virtual weekend that incorporates fellowship, leadership, and service into fun-filled events and entertainment.

This weekend will be a time for you to meet members from across the state! We will be electing new district officers, attending various skill-building workshops, meeting members from other clubs, and participating in service.  

District Board Candidacy


Anyone interested in running for a position at DCON should fill out the candidate declaration form by the time you are nominated. All elections are subject to the Election Rules and Regulations, which can be found here.

Applications and Candidacy Forms

District Governor Application

The District Governor leads the district! The District Governor communicates with club officers, Kiwanis family district officers, and the Circle K International board. The District Governor also leads District Board meetings. Do you want to lead the district? Fill out the candidacy forms above to run for District Governor at DCON and you could be our next governor!

District Secretary-Treasurer Application

The District Secretary-Treasurer keeps track of service hours, interclub activities, and Kiwanis family relations for the district. The District Secretary-Treasurer also takes notes at board meetings, keeps track of budgeting, collecting, and disbursing the district’s money, and manages the annual dues process. This could be you! Fill out the candidacy forms above to run for District Secretary-Treasurer at DCON.

District Lieutenant Governor Application

Lieutenant Governors are a liaison between clubs and the district. The Lieutenant Governor position involves visiting their division’s clubs and helping them become better clubs. The Lieutenant Governor position also involves helping to start new clubs. If you would like to see what clubs are in each division, click here. Fill out the candidacy forms above to run for District Lieutenant Governor of your division at DCON.