August 2022 Member Spotlight

Our August Member Spotlight is Austin Underwood from The Ohio State University! Austin is a master’s of public health student, with a specialization in biomedical informatics.

Austin has demonstrated throughout his many years in the K-Family that he genuinely lives to serve and loves to serve. Austin is actively involved in his home club at The Ohio State University, as well as in both the District and International levels of Circle K. Austin has served as the 2019-2020 Ohio District Governor and as a 2020-2021 International Trustee. Following his term as an International Trustee, Austin returned to earnestly serving his home club as the Bulletin Editor and the Vice President. In addition to his duties at the club level, Austin also serves as the District Laws, Regulations, and Awards Chair and the Spring Officer Training (SpOT) Chair. Austin is a highly motivated individual who continuously aspires to improve himself, his home club, and the district. Austin inspires others and keeps the members of his club and district motivated.

Austin is a remarkable CKI member because of his commitment to Circle K’s core tenets of service, leadership, and fellowship. Austin is a genuine and compassionate individual who is always willing to help others without being asked. He has a passion for service, which is evident when he is volunteering at University Kiwanis, OSU Circle K, or District events. Austin is an extremely cognizant leader and is mindful of himself and those around him. He knows how to apply his knowledge and perception, yet remains teachable. Austin is also a courageous leader, he constantly approaches problems imaginatively and is determined in his actions. Austin always arrives with a positive attitude and encourages everyone to connect and have fun together. Austin is an individual of great benevolence, who consistently exemplifies service, leadership, and fellowship.

To learn more about what Austin’s club is doing, check out their social media accounts linked here:

Claire Feit

Claire Feit