Lieutenant Governors

Meet Our Lieutenant Governors!


Katherine Kotora

Name: Katherine Kotora

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Sweet Treat: Oreos

Is a Hotdog a Sandwich? No way!

Favorite Tenant: Service

Biggest Goal of the Year: To involve more clubs at district events

What are you most excited for during your term?: To interact with new people and to serve in a new way

Fun Facts:

  • I'm left handed
  • My favorite animal is an Elephant
  • I love my coffee and chocolate
  • I've been in the Kiwanis Family for 9 years

Western Reserve

Megan Lear

Name: Megan Lear

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Sweet Treat: Cookies... Any kind of cookies

Is a Hotdog a sandwich? That's a great question, but first we must ask ourselves: what is life? Why are we here?

Favorite Tenant: Service

Biggest Goal of the Year: Chartering new clubs in our division and helping our existing clubs be the best they can be.

What are you most excited for during your term?: I am excited to be able to travel. Meet new people and get to know the ins and outs of all of our Ohio clubs.

Fun Facts:

  • I am a huge language nerd. I speak Spanish. I am learning ASL and I have minor knowledge in German.
  • I have an orange tabby cat named Linus and he is the anti-Christ.
  • I am an avid reader and I read about 50 books a year.
  • I am disgusted by ketchup. I will walk out of the room if someone is eating it.
  • I enjoy crafting very much. So much so, the employees at Pat Catan's know me by name.



This can be you! This position is currently vacant, so if you are interested in representing your division on the district board, please contact Governor Samantha Gates!

 River Hills

Colton Morton

Name: Colton Morton

Favorite Color: Bl

Favorite Sweet Treat: Cookie Dough in Soft Serve

Is a Hotdog a Sandwich? No

Favorite Tenant: Fellowship

Biggest Goal of the Year: Charter at least one new club in my division

What are you most excited for during your term?: To get to know more Circle K members and learn more about future oppertunities

Fun Facts:

  • Traveled to Costa Rica and will be studying abroad in Luxembourg next year!
  • Loves Starbucks, but only the strawberry refreshers, not coffee
  • Will be an RA this upcoming year at Miami University


Buckeye Trails

Renee Rolston

Name: Renee Rolston

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Sweet Treat: Lemon Cookies

Is a Hotdog a Sandwich? Only if you turn it sideways

Favorite Tenant: Service

Biggest Goal of the Year: To build up a better sense of community among my clubs

What are you most excited for during your term?: Meeting new people in CKI and visiting other clubs

Fun Facts:

  • Has an adorable cat named Gizmo
  • Currently a Junior studying Sociology at Muskingum University