Executive Board

Meet Our Governor and Secretary-Treasurer!


Samantha Gates

Name: Sammy Gates

Favorite Color: Purple and Maroon

Favorite Sweet Treat: Apple Crisp

Is a Hotdog a Sandwich? No, its a taco

Favorite Tenant: Service *But want to be clear I like them all*

Biggest Goal of the Year: Be the best cheerleader possible for the district!

What are you most excited for during your term?: Getting to visit all the clubs throughout the state and interacting with amazing Ohio Circle K members!

Fun facts:

  • Maroon 5 is my favorite band
  • The Greatest Showman is my all time favorite movie (as of now)
  • I want to travel to all 50 states and every continent at least once
  • I don't have a favorite animal
  • Unlike Colton, I like Starbucks for their coffee and will be forever grateful if you get me a frappuccino!



Becca Breen

Name: Becca Breen

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Sweet Treat: Strawberry ice cream or cream puffs

Is a Hotdog a Sandwich? No

Favorite Tenant: Service

Biggest Goal of the Year: To make sure that most or all of the clubs complete their MRF's

What are you most excited for during your term?: Being able to interact and form bonds with those on the district board and in other clubs!

Fun facts:

  • I have 7 siblings (4 sisters, 2 step-sisters, and 1 step-brother)
  • I can touch my nose with my tounge
  • I was the youngest person in my HS graduating class ( I was 17)
  • I had 5 wisdom teeth