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Executive Board


Allyson Beechy


Name: Allyson Beechy
Years in Kiwanis Family: 7
School: The Ohio State University
Major/Minor: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dream Job: Still figuring that out…
Birthday: February 19
Hometown: Strongsville, Ohio
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite song: Where the Green Grass Grows
Favorite food:  Leftovers
Favorite movie: The Fault in Our Stars
Favorite animal: Dogs
What phrase or quote do you live by? One More Thing One More Time (1MT1MT) and Be kind to one another.
What 5 songs are the playlist to your life?
-Georgia Peaches
-I Won’t Grow Up
-Fight Song
-A Life That’s Good
Reasons why I’m actually 80 years old:
-My joints SUCK (11 years of competitive gymnastics).
-I will own multiple cats at some point.
-I know how to crochet, and enjoy it.
-I know a crochet stitch that looks like rows of cats.



Lizzie Minotti

School: The Ohio State University

Years in Kiwanis Family: 6
Major: Early Childhood Education
Dream Job: Stay at home mom
Birthday: June 27
Hometown: Columbus
Favorite Number: 13
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Song: 21 by Hunter Hayes
Favorite Food: Popcorn
Favorite Movie: 27 Dresses
Favorite Animal: Dog
Most want to travel: Italy
Thing you are most excited about this year: To make new friends and get to know people from other clubs around the district.

Phrase to live by: “Live, Love, Laugh”

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