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District Board

Please highlight the tab “District Board” in the blue bar and select a link to view the current District Board for Circle K International, Ohio District. If you are interested in any positions, please contact the current governor, Allyson Beechy, at

Elected District Positions

District Governor: lead the district! Communicate with club officers,  Kiwanis family district officers, and the Circle K International board. Lead district board meetings.

District Secretary-Treasurer: keep track of service hours, interclubs, and Kiwanis family relations for the district, take notes at board meetings, keep track of budgeting, collecting, and disbursing the district’s money and manages the dues process.

Lieutenant governor: be a liaison between clubs and the district. Visit the division’s clubs and help them become better. Help start new clubs. Check the About Us page for information about what clubs are in each division.)

Club Contact Information (

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District Board,

This google doc has basic contact info for most of the club officers. Please add to it as you can, and be careful to save changes, and not remove information! Thanks,


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