District Goals

District Service Hours: 30 service hours per member
District Membership: 480
Attendance: Fall Rally – 50 persons
Attendance: DCON – average of 4 per club; 75% of clubs attending
Attendance: SpOT – average of 3 per club; 75% of clubs attending
Attendance: CKIx 2015 – 8 people
Number of Clubs: Increase to 22 clubs
DCON Elections: 1 for each position , have a contested election
Division Rallies: Service project at each; Rally attendance from all clubs
Interclubbing: 1 interclub per club
Kiwanis Family Events: 2 per club
District Board Visits: At least 1 visit to each club
Eliminate: $3 per member
MRFs: 75% reporting each month
P.A.C.E. Setter: 5 newsletters with each district board member contributing at least 1 article
District Calendar: 50% of clubs using calendar
Facebook/Website: 100% of clubs with an active Facebook or website