About Us

A Glimpse Into Who We Are...

“Circle K? Like the gas station?” No, Circle K International (or CKI for short) is the largest collegiate service organization and is related to Kiwanis (and Key Club). We do service, not slushies. CKI has over 13,000 members all over the world, and is the world's oldest and largest collegiate service organization. We're all about service, fellowship, and leadership.

The Ohio District of Circle K International (ODCKI) has 450 members in clubs on twenty college campuses and growing. We do more than 12,000 community service hours every year with our service partners and local organizations to help each college community as well as the world.

As a district, we try to interclub with other members of the Kiwanis family (including Key Club, Aktion Club, K-Kids, and Builders Club) as well as with members from other Circle K clubs. We also meet up three times a year: at Fall Rally, we gather on one campus to do service, learn about membership opportunities, and meet Circle K-ers from all over the state; in the winter. We meet for District Convention (DCON) to elect new district officers and present awards to clubs and members that have done great things that year; in the spring, new officers gather at Spring Officers Training (SpOT) to learn how to do their duties to the best of their abilities. And in the summer, Circle K members travel to the Large-Scale Service Project (LSSP) and International Convention (ICON) to meet Circle K members from all over the world, do four days of service in the same city, get leadership and service training, and elect international officers.

Thanks for reading! I hope you decide to join us and I hope to see you at a Circle K event!

Samantha Gates

2018-2019 Ohio District Governor